What needs to be addressed?

Bangkok, 2009

Full title:

‘What needs to be addressed?’ or ‘As long as it lasts !’


August 27th – 30th 2009


Bangkok University Gallery


International Art Symposium ‘The making of the New Silk Roads’




Painting a snake pink. A performance made for a four days symposium that took place at the Bangkok University Gallery (BUG) in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund, Bangkok University and National Research Center of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Participating artist of the symposium presented a specific artwork that not only implied a possible story-telling about a specific condition from his/her respective context in particular (e.g: on issues of cultural circulation, social/political activism, and marketplace), but also tested the idea of Silk Road’s potency for cultural hybridity across Asia in general. Proposing the Silk Road as a variable metaphor for instable connections and uncertain achievements and taking it as a departure point for continued reflections on Asia’s cultural landscape.

Thanks to:

Davide Quadrio, Defne Ayas, Ark Fongsmut


Script (pdf)
Arthub ASIA
Catalogue The Making of Meeting (pdf)