Gdansk, 2016

MTVS The Borderization edition from onno dirker on Vimeo.

For the Borderization edition, MTVS turns its attention to the complex question of borders and their shifting contours in the present. The fixed borderline is highly problematic in many parts of the world.  To delineate a territory through the inscription of lines in a landscape automatically signals a gesture of appropriation of land and resources.

In order to begin to map the complex questions regarding borders and boderization.
MTVS Gdansk focuses on man-created ecological disasters and their ramifications on border issues in Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains where Darakhvelidze grew up and where his family still owns a plot of land.

The Gdansk edition of MTVS aims to construct a topology that sets into relief the various manifestations and conceptions of borders in the present

Part 1 Economy – Ecology
Part 2 Economy – Privatization
Part 3 Economy – Trading